Daikin, a Japanese company based in Osaka, is a global leader in commercial and domestic air conditioning systems. Known for its innovative air conditioning technologies, the brand has split air conditioning models that are highly appreciated and are at the forefront of the industry. Daikin is also the first company to develop split and multi-split air conditioners. The brand also manufactures mini split air conditioners. In this article, we examined Daikin split air conditioner models in order to assist you in selecting the best air conditioner.

Daikin Shira Plus Series

The Shira Plus FTXM-N and FTXM-R models stand out for their high levels of efficiency. The productivity criteria, SEER and SCOP, are 8.65 and 5.1, respectively. The series, which has an energy efficiency rating label of A+++, is a very efficient option, especially for seasonal areas. In addition, the Shira Plus series is ahead of its competitors in terms of its price.

The Shira Plus series, which stands out for its wide temperature range as well as its efficiency and cost advantage, provides effective cooling from -10°C (14°F) to 50°C (122°F) and effective heating from 24°C (75.2°F) to -20°C (-4°F). Daikin air conditioner models, which are perfectly adapted to Europe’s volatile weather conditions, guarantee reliable performance. Unlike the air conditioners, which blow the air hard and cause discomfort, it provides a fairly soft airflow. It also helps to avoid health problems such as neck retention in the morning after sleeping with a working air conditioner.

Daikin air conditioner models ranging from 2kW to 7kW have been developed to fit spaces of all sizes. Offering the same design and features across all capacity options, the Daikin Shira Plus series is an effective option in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.

Daikin Sensira Series

In addition to the need for heating and cooling, the freshness of the air also has an impact on the quality of life. The next-generation refrigerant R-32 and optimized compressors ensure you stay in your comfort zone. Other notable features in the Daikin Sensira series air conditioners are slow blowing and fresh air options.

Daikin split air conditioners operate at very low sound levels. With a sound level down to 20 dBA, the new models operate in silence that is almost inaudible to humans.

Daikin Sensira split air conditioning models can adapt to smart homes and be controlled by smartphones. With Daikin’s online control application, air conditioners can be controlled remotely and the condition of the air conditioner and energy consumption graphics can be monitored. The operating mode, temperature setting, fan speed, power mode, and air direction can all be programmed. A 7-day program can also be created. Thus the air conditioner operates according to a weekly schedule. In addition, it has modes such as holiday mode, intuitive mode.

Daikin US7 Series

The Daikin US7 series air conditioners do not only heat and cool. It also has features such as air purification and scheduling. With Daikin US7 split air conditioners, there is no need to use additional air purifiers at home or at the office. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to save both space and money. US7 series Daikin split air conditioners can be controlled remotely with a smartphone. Therefore, it is suitable for use in smart homes. The series also has a silent mode that operates at an inaudible sound level.

Daikin Zena Series

The most important feature of Daikin Zena series split air conditioners is that they provide a significant reduction in the Global Warming Potential Factor with a very high level of efficiency. Daikin Zena series split air conditioners also feature moisture control. The humidification unit in the outdoor unit draws moisture from the air and distributes it indoors, regulating the humidity level in the environment. Smart humidity control reduces high humidity levels in the environment without affecting the indoor temperature.

The drain blinds of the Zena series Daikin split air conditioner models are specially designed to transmit airflow over longer distances. In this way, ambient temperature can be changed in large areas in a much shorter time. In addition, its external unit removes carbon monoxide using a thermal catalyst. It also removes formaldehyde and allergens with the flash flow system in the internal unit. It regulates its effect according to the number of people in the room through the infrared human presence sensor. When there are no people, it saves energy by shutting down on its own.

Daikin Cora Series

The Cora series is one of the most popular Daikin split air conditioner series. The most important reason why the Cora series is so popular is that it works at very low sound levels. The Cora series is an excellent choice for areas where silence is critical. In addition, it allows precise heat adjustment with a 0.5 degree heat exchange feature. Like other split air conditioning models, the Cora series features 2-Area Intelligent Eye sensors. Because of these sensors, the air conditioner turns off when no one is in the room, thereby saving energy.

Daikin Split Air Conditioning Systems in Smart Homes

Most traditional air conditioning units are controlled either directly by a panel on the air conditioner or via a remote control. When the air conditioner is turned off or on, this must be done through remote control. Especially for fully automated smart homes, the air conditioning system, which can be controlled by remote control, is not suitable.

Smart air conditioning control allows you to remotely manage your air conditioning units via a phone, tablet, or computer. With smart air conditioning and cooling systems, you can turn on the air conditioner before arriving home or to the office and adjust the ambient temperature as you wish.

Do not worry if you already have a traditional air conditioner. Devices called Daikin KNX gateway are used to make Daikin split air conditioners compatible with smart homes. Due to the Daikin KNX gateway, which provides full integration into smart home systems, the entire air conditioning system can be controlled and programmed via smartphone.

Smart Air Conditioning Features

Air conditioners must be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network in order to be smart. The air conditioning system can be controlled remotely with a mobile device via a Wi-Fi connection. However, the smart air conditioning system does not consist only of a smart air conditioner. A far more advanced smart air conditioning system can be installed using a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat and a smart air conditioner are not the same things. The smart thermostat instantly measures the ambient temperature and sends commands to the air conditioner accordingly. When smart thermostats and air conditioning systems are used together, optimum efficiency can be obtained from air conditioning and cooling systems in terms of both comfort and energy saving.

How Does A Smart Air Conditioner Work?

Smart air conditioning is a system that heats or cools according to the command from the phone, tablet, computer, or thermostat. Some air conditioning units can also be integrated into the smart home system and controlled by voice commands. Smart air conditioners usually do not require a remote control. Daikin split air conditioner models can also work with a phone, smart controller, or voice command thanks to the Daikin KNX gateway. KNX gateway devices are used to ensure that systems in smart homes work in harmony with each other.

Smart Air Conditioning Units and Control Devices 

Smart air conditioners have built-in Wi-Fi technology, allowing the machine to be connected to a smartphone app. Users can adjust the temperature and fan speed or turn the air conditioner on and off directly from their phones.

Smart air conditioning units have smart capabilities such as temperature planning and connection with smart assistants. All air conditioners integrated into the system can be controlled by phone with the Daikin split air conditioning application. Daikin KNX gateway is needed for Daikin split air conditioner and other systems in the smart home to work in coordination with one another. Thanks to this device, both your air conditioner is effortlessly integrated into the smart home system and offers versatile comfort by communicating with other systems.