With the spread of innovative technologies in all areas of our lives, smart home systems, which are becoming increasingly popular, emphasize safety and comfort at homes. Although common systems such as lighting and air conditioning come to mind when it comes to smart home systems, there are also houses that are completely automated, where each system can be managed by phone or voice command system, and the number of these houses is increasing. Of course, the demand for smart home systems has raised in terms of both security and energy savings. Here’s what you need to know about increasing the value of the house with smart home systems.

How to Increase The Value of The House?

The value of a house is not determined solely by its distance from public transport, square meter, newness, or the number of rooms. Of course, these are quite important features, but of two houses with the same physical characteristics, the value of the one equipped with smart technology will be many times greater. The value of automated houses which provide the user the comfort and security they want with smart home systems is always higher than their counterparts. If you want to increase the value of your home by using smart home systems, you can start by integrating some of the following systems into your home, which are very easy to install:

  • Smart lighting systems
  • Security cameras
  • Smart air conditioning systems
  • Smart entertainment systems
  • Smart plugs
  • Smart blinds and/or curtains
  • Smart door locks integrated into monitoring systems
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Alarm systems

If you want to sell your home furnished, you can also take advantage of quick solutions such as smart kitchen appliances, white goods, and robot vacuum cleaners. Especially with the premium smart kitchen appliances, you can equip the house with smart technology without having any infrastructure.

Increasing The Value of The House with Smart Kitchen Systems

Among the elements that increase the value of the house, the kitchens are indisputable. It is an undeniable fact that houses with larger and more practical kitchens are sold more easily and for a higher price. Therefore, the demand for smart systems designed for kitchens, which is the most frequently used room of the house, is also increasing rapidly. Moreover, unlike other complex systems, smart kitchen systems are easier to install.

Life is much easier now thanks to technologies such as stoves and ovens where you can adjust the temperature of food and beverages, coffee machines that prepare your coffee at your waking time, refrigerators that identify the food runs out and order it online. Without a doubt, the value of the houses where these systems are used is far higher compared to the houses where there is an ordinary kitchen. If you intend to increase the value of the home using smart technology, we recommend starting with a kitchen renovation.

These systems can be integrated not only into newly constructed houses but also into existing houses. Therefore, it is also possible to increase the value of existing houses with smart home systems. However, this infrastructure needs to be integrated by a team that specializes in smart home systems. On the other hand, smart kitchen systems can be installed only by purchasing new white goods and smart kitchen appliances. However, if you want to add elements that increase the value of the home such as smart lighting, smart plugs, smart blinds to the system, you need professional support.

The Place of Technology in Smart Home Systems

It is not necessary to be an expert in new technologies to increase the value of the house with smart home systems. Nowadays, it is possible to manage these systems through tablets and phones used by everyone, even with a simple voice command speaker. For example, you can use voice commands to open and close windows or adjust the brightness of the lights as desired. To do this, simply give commands to the voice assistant installed within the smart home system such as “Turn down the living room lights”, or “Close the kitchen window”. Of course, the fact that our living space simplifies our life creates value. Therefore, increasing the value of the house with smart technology is not only a possibility but a fact that has validity all over the world.

Of course, smart home systems are not limited to these. In a fully automated smart home, you can manage all electronic devices from door locks to food processors with a smartphone app or voice assistant. Having such infrastructure in your home would be quite tempting for potential buyers.

Having A Smart Home

Comfort, safety, and energy savings are at the heart of smart home systems. There is a good chance to increase the value of the house where these three elements can be met. Sensor lighting systems, for example, make it impossible to forget to turn on the lights in a smart house. Because these systems only activate when they detect movement with the sensor, and if no movement is detected for a certain period of time, the lights turn off. A similar mechanism can be installed for air conditioning systems. When the rooms are empty, the air conditioners turn off, and thus energy loss is prevented. At the same time, the ambient temperature can always be kept within the desired range with a smart thermostat. With smart locks and monitoring systems, the security of the house can be improved. Smart plug technology can automatically turn off unused but forgotten devices, saving energy and ensuring safety.

Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home with KNX Gateways

The simplest technology that can be used to turn your home into a smart home is a device called the KNX gateway. KNX gateways provide smart features to ordinary devices. In this way, existing electronics can be easily integrated into the smart home system. Each system requires its own KNX gateway. Using KNX technology to increase the value of a home is a popular strategy. These devices are extremely easy to install, but it is still advisable to seek help from professionals.

We stand by you for all the KNX solutions you need in the smart home integration of your air conditioning system as the creators of kbox-Mitt, the world’s first and only KNX gateway to transport data using the TB15 port. The possibility of increasing the value of the house with smart systems is one click away. If you want to include your Mitsubishi, Samsung, or Daikin air conditioner in the smart home system, contact us now!