Having a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the house automatically or a refrigerator that orders itself when the milk runs out may seem excessive for tradition-bound people. But once we open our minds and our homes to the possibilities of a connected Internet of Things system, we realize that life will never be the same again. Here are what you need for a dream life in a fully automated smart home.

What Is A Smart Home System?

A smart home is a system that uses cutting-edge electronics and computers to control or automate different elements of the house. Many electronic devices are made controllable from joint centers for easy access in such homes. From curtains to lights, irrigation or heating systems to door locks and security cameras, many systems can be controlled from inside or outside the home. In short, smart home systems refer to an environment in which each system in the house operates automatically.

What Is Full Automation?

Full automation is automatic control of all electronic devices in the home. These devices are connected to a system that allows them to be controlled remotely. Devices can trigger each other with home automation. So it is not necessary to manually control them through an app or voice assistant. Home automation makes life easier and saves on bills.

A Simple System to Control Everything

Take the greatest and largest Hi-Fi system, along with a stunning 60-inch 4K ultra TV. We can add smartphones, lighting, security, modems, and even a coffee machine to this. When it comes to a fully automated house, all electronic devices in a home from hairdryers to wearable technology products must be included in the smart home system. So how do you get these devices to talk to each other?

Getting all devices in the house to communicate with each other is not easy unless the Control4 system is used. Control4 is the world’s best smart home automation system that takes all available technological devices and combines them into a single easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The Control4 system is tailored to suit any lifestyle whether it’s to automate a single room or design the dream home from scratch. Control4 can take care of everything in a house, from dimming the lights to locking the door. Control4 is the ultimate solution for full automation issues.

Waking Up

When it’s time to wake up, doing so under the pressure of a loud alarm does not provide a peaceful start to the day. A wired or wireless Gira smart home system can control all aspects of the home by opening blinds, gently raising the brightness of the light, controlling the climate, starting specified playlists, or giving commands to other smart products as part of a pre-programmed morning routine.

Pre-Programmed Morning Routine

For most people, the first steps towards the kitchen and coffee maker are carried out on autopilot, and the day does not start until the caffeine in the blood rises. Therefore, a house with pre-brewed coffee, a pre-heated shower, and even pre-heated clothes represents absolute luxury. In a fully automated home, these systems are expected to work perfectly.

Smart products have open-source software systems that allow their users to connect and run them on a regular basis. For example, a coffee machine can be programmed to run at a given time of day or when a specific sensor detects movement. Every aspect of the house can be programmed and operated under a defined routine as part of the smart home automation network.


When it comes to entertainment, the ability to control everything at the touch of a button changes the rules of the game. The transition from cable TV to Netflix, YouTube, and DVD player is smooth and simple with a control panel. All systems can be voice-activated when a smart assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home is added to the system. Watching the latest 4K movies from a projector that comes out of the ceiling with surround sound that covers the room takes movie nights to a whole new level. 

Entertainment systems are one of the most common applications of Internet of Things technology. Many IoT devices integrate smoothly with movie platforms and apps. Moreover, all you have to do to watch a movie is as simple as saying the name of the movie and giving the command “Start!”


You can listen to all your favorite bands, albums, and songs in any room in the house with a music app like Spotify, YouTube Music, or Deezer. The best part of the system is that it can play a different song in each room. These rooms include bathrooms. You can increase the pleasure of bath acoustics when showering with waterproof bathroom speakers.


One of the most impressive features of a fully automated home system is smart lighting. Smart lighting takes control of the lights using preset timers or light monitoring sensors. Smart lighting has great functions, such as slowly dimming the bedroom lights at night or automatically turning on the lights when the sun goes down.

Smart lighting can save energy bills only when needed, for example, when someone enters the room. You never have to worry about leaving the lights on with smart home automation. As is known, each smart home system strengthens the security systems as well as all of its functions. Smart lighting systems, for example, can be programmed to make the house look like someone is at home when it’s empty.


Smart home systems come with the latest security software and devices. High-resolution cameras monitor wherever needed at home, especially the front door.

Smart security systems eliminate the need to return when you forget to lock the door while leaving the house. A fully automated home system can control all locks, including windows and garage doors.

Smart locks, which are not commonly associated with home automation but are incredibly useful, can also be programmed to allow only certain people to enter. Each resident of the house can unlock it with a password of their own. The residents can be warned if particular passwords are used. For example, smart locks can track when children return home or who is present at home.

Environmental Control

Smart thermostats, which are essential within a smart home system, control everything from comfort to expenses. After automating a house, you can enjoy multi-zone control by setting the thermostats according to the timeline. With their unique functions such as setting the perfect ambient temperature before you arrive home, turning off the air conditioning systems in empty rooms, and keeping the heat within a specified range, smart thermostats help you save both continuous comfort and a significant amount of energy.

Windows and Curtains

With smart home systems, you can use a remote control or an app to set the curtains to close automatically when the sun goes directly in. Windows can also be controlled by remote control or an application. For example, windows close automatically when it starts to rain. The system produces an excellent solution, especially for roof windows that are difficult to reach.

Central Vacuum System

Centralized vacuum systems, one of the newest trends of smart home automation systems, are the most efficient way to clean your fully automated home. The system includes a vacuum motor mounted in a convenient place, located on the walls in each room. When it’s time to sweep, the central vacuum system is turned on by attaching a hose to a nearby access point.

Irrigation Systems

Full automation does not cover only the inside of the house. Outdoor garden lighting and irrigation functions are also included in the smart home automation system. Irrigation systems can be programmed to operate according to a specific time or the light (for example, at a time set before dawn).

At The End of The Day

Smart home systems can be operated with tablet and smartphone applications or key units grouped with simple user interfaces. Developed with voice assistants, the system adds a futuristic approach to a fully automated smart home experience, allowing you to control all the functions of the house anywhere or at any time.