kbox-Dkn is a KNX gateway that provides two-way data transmission between Daikin air conditioners and KNX smart home systems.


    Kbox-Dkn makes it possible to control all the features of Daikin air conditioners using the KNX system. Kbox-Dkn, which exchanges two-way data between Daikin air conditioners and the KNX system, transmits instant temperature information to AC internal unit,  via internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and KNX controllers.


The kbox-Dkn  Daikin KNX gateway  produces a variety of scenarios for situations such as power saving, timing, temperature limiting, and operating programming. This way, it does not impose an additional burden on the existing smart home system. It also provides energy performance due to instant data transmission based on the scenarios it generates.


The most significant difference between kbox-Dkn and its competitors is that the interface transmits real-time temperature data from the KNX panel to the Daikin air conditioner, thereby stable operation, consistently comfortable ambient temperature, and energy efficiency.


Kbox-Dkn is the most efficient  Daikin KNX gateway  available for a smart home, with unrivaled features.


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