The kbox-Mitt is a  KNX gateway  that allows for two-way communication between KNX smart home systems and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems.


All Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner functions can be controlled via the KNX system with kbox-Mitt. Kbox-Mitt provides intercommunication between KNX and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and transmits real-time ambient temperature data to the AC indoor unit via smartphone, tablet, computer, or KNX controller.


kbox-Mitt works in accordance with different scenarios and thus does not create extra load on the smart home system. The kbox-Mitt KNX gateway develops scenarios for power saving, temperature control, timing, and operation programming and delivers instant commands based on these scenarios to provide energy performance.

The difference between the kbox-Mitt  Mitsubishi KNX gateway  and its competitors is that it transfers the ambient temperature information it receives from the KNX panel to the air conditioner via the TB15 port resulting in stable operation, comfortable ambient temperature, and energy efficiency superiority.


Equivalent products available in domestic and international markets provide data transmission via the CN105 port. The CN105 port is