kbox-Smg is a  KNX gateway  that allows data to flow in both directions between Samsung air conditioners and KNX smart home systems.


kbox-Smg can control all functions of Samsung air conditioners via the smart home KNX system. Kbox-Smg interchanges data between the KNX system and Samsung air conditioning and transmits instantaneous temperature information to the AC indoor unit via smart devices such as phones, tablets, and computers, or through the KNX controller.


The KNX gateway operates according to the scenarios that it generates for various situations such as power saving, temperature limitation, timing, and scheduling. As a result, it does not put an extra load on the smart home system and provides energy performance through the immediate actions it takes in response to these scenarios.

kbox-Smg  Samsung KNX gateway  distinguishes itself from its competitors by transmitting instant ambient temperature information from the KNX panel to Samsung air conditioning and thus ensuring stable operation continuous comfortable ambient temperature and energy efficiency.


kbox-Smg is the most efficient Samsung KNX gateway with distinctive features that a smart home can ever have.


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