what is kbox?

kbox is a new generation KNX gateway that provides bidirectional communication, including accurate ambient temperature data, between the air conditioning and building automation systems.

Benefits of kbox

A KNX router is essential to control the air conditioning system. kbox works smoothly on different scenarios defined without additional integrations for the smart home automation systems.

Kbox is the only KNX gateway that allows the transmission of real-time temperature data between the KNX switch and the air conditioning system.

How it works?

kbox builds a bridge between the KNX switch and the air conditioner via the TB15 port for continuous ambient temperature data transmission. It ensures stable performance, a comfortable environment, and unprecedented energy efficiency.


Samsung – Daikin – Mitsubishi TB15 KNX Gateway

Function Control

kbox allows controlling all functions of the electric air conditioners and it is 100% integrated into the home automation systems.

Scenario Development

kbox develops various scenarios for power saving, temperature limitation, timing, and programming. It provides full control of ambient temperature with its unique scenario development skills.

Bidirectional Data Flow

kbox provides bidirectional data flow between the router and the smart home air conditioning system.

Binary Inputs

kbox includes 3 dry contact inputs that provide a range of solutions for various scenarios. These inputs process binary signals and allow controlling of the device over conventional switches.


kbox is fully configurable with the standard ETS tool which allows controlling the smart home automation systems via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Real-Time Data

kbox sends real-time temperature data to the smart home air conditioning system. It puts the system into standby mode when necessary and helps to save power with accurate data.

Quality Certificates

kbox KNX gateway is awarded CE, ISO 9001, TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) quality certificates.

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which air conditioners are compatible with kbox?

kbox KNX router is compatible with all VRF, commercial and domestic Samsung, Daikin, and Mitsubishi electric air conditioners that have TB15 or CN105 ports.

How is kbox different from similar products?

Failure of data transmission is the most common issue of VRF and commercial air conditioning systems in similar products. kbox is the first and only KNX gateway that can transmit the ambient temperature data without interruption via the TB15 port.

How can I order kbox?

You can place an order for the kbox KNX router by contacting us via phone, e-mail address, or contact page. Click here to get in touch.

Which Quality Certificates Does kbox Have?

kbox has both national and international certificates such as CE, ISO 9001 and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution).

kbox is the first and only KNX gateway that can transmit the ambient temperature data via the TB15 port.