kbox – Inspired by the Future

kbox, a joint venture of Pabeda and Dokuzbayt information technologies, was founded in Istanbul in 2019. kbox, a creator of innovative solutions on IoT and automation systems, produces and develops smart home air conditioning automation systems with over ten years of experience with KNX gateways.

We are working to address problems that existing technologies cannot solve, and we believe that the functional solutions we create should be widely accessible. For this purpose, we are experimenting with new technologies and carrying today’s technology into the future in our R&D laboratory on KNX gateway and smart home air conditioning systems, which we consider to be limited and inadequate in the globe.

Our goal is to become a global brand and thus to be recognized not only in the local but also in the international market with our high-quality and unique KNX gateway solutions. As we progress toward our goal, we develop breakthrough technology to provide our customers with a more comfortable living space inspired by the future.

The future is full of incredible opportunities for all of humanity. Why settle for less when our current knowledge offers better option